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The Danger of Batteries in Skips

Why can’t you dispose of your batteries in skips? Need to recycle some batteries? It is extremely important to know what you can and can’t put in a skip – particularly if its disposal can […]

What are POPs?

Identify and Classify waste containing Persistent Organic Pollutants ( pops )  Persistent organic pollutants ( pops )  What are POPs? these are a group of organic compounds that have toxic properties and pose a risk […]

What is a roll on off skip?

The next size up from our traditional skips are called roll on off skips (RORO), roll on/off bins or hook loaders. They are ideal for industrial and commercial organisations that want to dispose of a […]

Do I need a skip road permit to hire a skip?

What to consider when deciding if a skip road permit is needed. The diagram above shows when a road permit is needed to hire a skip and when it is not required. It also shows […]


The impact of covid 19 on skip hire – Many businesses have had very low points during the COVID-19 pandemic and the first lockdown of 2020, with a lot suffering from the negative effects. However […]

6 Top Tips on Re-using & Recycling Shredded Paper

Are you at a loss on what to do with your shredded paper? In this post Findaskip will explain why shredded paper is extremely difficult to recycle and explore many different ways for you can […]

Public Weighbridges

WHERE CAN I FIND A LOCAL PUBLIC WEIGHBRIDGE? Public weighbridges can be found all across the UK on main motorways, industrial sites and at local council depots. Some are self service weighbridges, however most will […]


Ever wondered what happens to your skip waste once your skip has been collected? Most people think it just just gets tipped into a big hole at a landfill site, never to be seen again! […]

Can I put a skip on the road?

Placing a skip onto the road is governed by the local council. Please see below for some factors to consider when placing a skip on the road. Why do you need a road permit? The […]

What skip size do I need if I am moving house?

Moving house? Hiring a skip should be the easiest part. After house renovations, garden re-modelling and large and small scale DIY projects, moving house is right up there as a good reason to hire a […]