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6 Top Tips on Re-using & Recycling Shredded Paper

Are you at a loss on what to do with your shredded paper?

In this post Findaskip will explain why shredded paper is extremely difficult to recycle and explore many different ways for you can re-use and recycle your shredded paper.

Shredding paper bin

Why most councils will not collect shredded paper in your recycling.

Many of you will presume that shredded paper, just like normal paper can go straight into your recycling bin.

In many cases this is wrong and can cause a lot of problems at the recycling centre.

Because this material is cut up so finely it can become caught in machinery used at the recycling plants and can become a serious fire hazard.

Therefore, it is dependant on which recycling plant your council uses as to whether they will be able to recycle your shredded paper waste.

Meaning an abundance of shredded paper ends up in landfill.

You can check whether your council will allow shredded paper in their recycling on their council website.


  1. Animal Bedding – You can use the material as a liner for your animal bedding such as hamsters, rabbits, chickens etc, it is important not to substitute all animal bedding for shredded paper as this can be harmful to your animals in the long run, however it may help you to cut down on bedding costs by not using as much.
  2. Composting – If you have your own composting heap or bin you can put your old paper in there as it breaks down very quickly.
  3. Papier-mâché – Bored at home and want something to do with the kids, you can easily use your shredding’s for Papier-mâché projects!
  4. Packaging – Packing a gift for someone, you can easily dye your shredded paper and turn it into a pretty packaging stuffer rather than polystyrene.
  5. Fire Starters – Stuff your shredding’s into an old tube of toilet roll and use as a fire starter for your fireplace.
  6. Mulch – Shredded paper is a great type of mulch substitute because it retains water, keeping your soil temperature regulated.

Findaskip implores you to give it a go today and recycle your shredded paper.

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