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The impact of covid 19 on skip hire – Many businesses have had very low points during the COVID-19 pandemic and the first lockdown of 2020, with a lot suffering from the negative effects.

However for the skip hire industry the results of the COVID-19 haven’t all been negative.

Due to 90% of recycling centres being closed across the UK we saw a huge increase of domestic clearances & DIY renovations.

To put it into perspective we were taking a standard years worth of bookings in the space of a month!

impact of covid 19 on skip hire

In fact, there were so many skip orders that a lot of suppliers actually ran out of skips, causing a 2-3 week delay in bookings.

During the first lockdown the skip hire industry was dealing with a 20% drop in staff.

This was due to self-isolating as well as staff sickness.

Alongside, working from home this caused a huge disruption in communication between offices and stock take.

Furthermore, we were also dealing with not being able to collect skips due to the building sites being closed.

There was a lot of stress and tears, however our customers were understanding and for them we are EXTREMELY grateful.


Throughout the pandemic the refuse sector has seen a 50% decrease in business waste.

However, they have also seen a 20% increase in Municipal waste being produced.

Alongside a big spike in the amount of food waste being produced due to panic-buying.

Our sister company Hadleigh Salvage & Recycling Ltd had approximately 9,500 tonnes of food and green waste recycled.

Food placed into general refuse sacks goes to landfill and produces toxic greenhouse gases while decomposing.


The countryside alliance has reported a 300% increase in fly tipping in rural areas since the start of the covid-19 pandemic.

We believe this is a direct result of 90% of council run household waste recycling centres being closed.

This lockdown 2021 the majority of recycling centres have remained open.

So we are hoping this reduces the amount of waste being fly tipped will reduce.


Out of the 368 sectors the waste industry ranks 44th for COVID related death rates.

To date there have been no reports across the nation of large outbreaks of covid within the refuse and waste collection categories. Despite what some news articles are reporting.

Findaskip hopes that this will remain the case during 2021 and looks forward to meeting your skip hire and waste management requirements.

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