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Do I need a skip road permit to hire a skip?

findaskip diagram of skip road permit with house
diagram of which areas you can place a skip without a road permit

What to consider when deciding if a skip road permit is needed.

The diagram above shows when a road permit is needed to hire a skip and when it is not required. It also shows that you should not place a skip on a pavement in any circumstance. Shop frontage’s are different from the pavement and permits will be granted depending on location and the council’s discretion.

When you hire your skip, there will be occasions that will require a road permit. If placing the skip on private land or a driveway, you will NOT need to obtain a road permit. The time when a permit will be needed is when the skip is on a public verge/roadside or the road. The purpose is to ensure the skip is placed safely on the road. Also it helps to control how many are on the road at one time. Permits are typically arranged by us, and then the local council will then issue them to you. 

Skip Road Permit Costs

The cost of the permit will vary depending on the local area, length of time the skip is needed etc. You can check information relevant to your area by using the following link – or you can give us a call and we will be more than happy to talk you through it and answer any questions you may have.

How long Does It Take To Arrange A Permit?

The waiting time to arrange the permit varies depending on your local council. It can take anything from same day, a few days to a week or so to arrange so please bear this in mind and account for this extra time when deciding when to order your skip. A skip permit is generally granted for 7/14/28 days (dependent on the council) and most councils allow for this initial period to be extended for an additional fee. We suggest contacting in advance if you need more time.

Depending on the local council that has granted you the permit, there may be certain conditions you need to follow. You may need to place safety lighting and/or marking on or around your skip which could include – 

  • Safety lamps and lighting 
  • Reflective markings on the skip
  • Traffic safety cones placed around the skip’s perimeter 

This will be specified to you on booking as this can vary depending on your local council and the supplier of the skip.

We also suggest leaving a two-car length space on the day of delivery so that it can be unloaded without any obstructions. It is important to ensure that enough room is left to collect and deliver the skip to avoid any wasted journey charges.

Skip Sizing

Usually, the largest skip that can go on a public highway is an 8 yard skip which is a builders skip (see our skip size page for dimensions An 8 yard skip is generally big enough for domestic skip hire jobs. You should ensure that:

  • The contents do not stick out from the sides of the skip
  • The skip isn’t overfilled and its contents are stable, covered with net or dampened.
  • The skip doesn’t contain materials likely to pose a risk of fire, explosion and wont release toxic fumes or present a health or environmental hazard.

Suspending Parking Bays

In addition to a skip permit, you may need to obtain a parking bay suspension from your local council. This is if the skip is placed on a public highway that is in a controlled parking zone. The fee of this is dependent on the local council and like skip permits, the time it takes to be issued may vary so we would suggest allowing enough time to do so.

The suspension permits are typically arranged by us, however this will be stated on booking. You can check the fee for your area by using the following link – or alternatively give us a call.

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