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What is a roll on off skip?

The next size up from our traditional skips are called roll on off skips (RORO), roll on/off bins or hook loaders. They are ideal for industrial and commercial organisations that want to dispose of a high volume of waste and can be used for demolition jobs, property development, and construction etc. They can be rolled on and off a truck for easy transportation.

What sizes do the roll on offs come in?

Roll on and off skips are available in 20 or 40 yard. Some companies have 15 yards but these are quite rare. The 20 yard skip can hold approximately 220 black bags worth of waste and 40 yard can hold approximately 420 black bags. Due to the size of the skips, sufficient access for the skip to be delivered, stored and collected will need to be provided. Ideally, you need two-and-a-half bin lengths of space to be able to deliver and collect.

20 yard skips are 2m high, 5.07m long and 2.23m wide whereas 40 yard skips are 2.69m high, 5.07m long and 2.23m wide. If you are unsure of what size you will need then you can get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to assist you.

For information on our other sized skips, you can use the following link –

What waste can I put into the roll on off skip?

You can put pretty much any waste that is non-hazardous in the skip however depending on the type of waste will depend on what size skip you will need. Heavy waste may only be suitable for smaller roll on off skips due to the weight. You can fill it with light bulky waste such as cardboard, plywood, plastic and general mixed waste.

The type of waste will also determine the price of the skip. Usually, mixed waste skips are charged at a tonnage and haulage rate. Most companies will charge you a haulage rate and a minimum tonnage fee at the point of booking, this is typically 2-3 tonnes. Once the skip is collected it is weighed and the final bill is raised if the weight has gone over the minimum tonnage charge. a flat rate for just the skip. Heavy waste such as soil and or hardcore is normally charged at a flat rate. You will be notified of the price upon booking.

Avoid Nasty Surprises!

When hiring a roll on off skip you need to be very mindful of what you are filling it with to avoid an unexpectedly big bill when the skip is collected. Never order a roll on off skip and mix it with soil / hardcore and mixed waste, this will leave you with a very nasty surprise once the skip has been collected.

Consider having separate skips for different waste streams. For instance, if you are digging out footings but are also doing renovation work or other building work, be sure to put your waste in a separate bin to the soil being dug out. We had an instance when a customer stated they just had soil going into a 20 yard roll on off bin, but they added sleepers from a retaining wall that was dug out, plus the builders were putting their food wrappers in the bin throughout the day. As soon as you do this it becomes mixed waste and paying for mixed soil and rubbish is incredibly much more expensive. Soil must be kept clean and so must hardcore / rubble skips only. No additional waste of any type is permitted.


Access for roll on bins must be considered when you are making a booking. Roll-on-off bins are delivered on larger lorries to a chain lift skip loader. They do not have rear steer and require two and a half lorry lengths of space to place a roll on off bin down on the ground. They are often 6 and 8-wheeled rather than 4 wheels on a chain lift skip loader.

How are roll on off bins priced?

Normally by haulage and a tonnage rate, this is usually the first 2-3 tonnes of waste, we have had some companies wanting up to the first 5 tonnes upfront, to avoid having to chase companies after the bin has been collected. It will be much more cost-effective for you if you keep your waste streams separate. If you have just cardboard or just metal you may be able to actually get paid for these!

How can we help?

Here at Findaskip we always try to get the best choice of skip size that suits our customer’s needs. Give us a call, live chat with us or email us for a personal quote.

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