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Recycled Christmas Decorations- Ideas for the Home!

Recycled Christmas Decorations

With the festive period fast approaching,  it’s time to decorate our homes to get us in the Christmas spirit.  You really have three choices, get in the loft and put up last year’s tree and ornaments;   buy new decoration;  create unique recycled Christmas decorations!

You may think that creating your own recycled Christmas decorations will be too complicated and time consuming , however we have some quick and simple ideas for the whole family to get involved with.Got old light bulbs laying around?  We’ve got a bright idea to turn them into something new! These cute penguin ornaments can be made by painting the light bulbs with acrylic paint and attaching a piece of thread in a loop to the top of the light bulb. Leave to dry and its ready to hang on your tree!

Want to add a bit of sparkle to those boring baubles you never put up anymore? It’s easy to do just by cutting up old CDs and gluing them on. You end up with good as new glittery baubles that you wouldn’t be able to find to buy.

We love this idea of creating a Christmas tree from old baubles. All you need to do is cut a triangle out of a piece of cardboard and glue the balls on.  It can then be put in a frame or just blue tacked to the wall.

Make affordable and creative baubles with just polystyrene balls, pins and sequins.  You need to have a bit more patience for this one but the it finished product is inventive and original. You can use different colour sequins for a more colourful finish.

It’s so easy to make your own original and creative recycled Christmas decorations. The yard staff at FindaSkip have even decorated their office with a tree, decorations, lights and an angel, all found in skips!

FindaSkip are always here to advise you the most sustainable and responsible ways to recycle or dispose of your waste. If you need a skip please visit our website for cheap skip hire or call us on 0800 019 4530 for more information.