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What skip size do I need?

What skip size do I need? This may be a question you’re asking yourself if this is your first time hiring a skip. Why not have a read through the information below that will hopefully help you find a skip size that is suited to you and your waste.

The skip size you need really is based on how much waste you have and what type of waste you have to get rid out.

Below you will see a list of the different skip sizes we can offer and what they are most suited for, as well as their dimensions, to help you come to the conclusion of what skip size is best for you.

2 yard mini skip:

The smallest in the range, this skip size is suitable for a small garage or household clearance. The skip is also ideal if you are knocking down a small brick wall or have a small amount of garden waste to get rid of. Typically, it can hold about 20 bin bags worth of waste into it or can fit about 9 wheelbarrows worth of waste into it.

  • Dimensions of the 2 yard skip – (H x L x W): 0.76m (2’6″) x 1.2m (4′) x 0.91m (3′)

3 yard midi skip:

This is an uncommon skip size, not all suppliers have this size, but it is worth asking if they do, as its just up from mini skip but not too big. The 3 yard is a good size for a small domestic clearance. This is also suitable for a small garden job as well. Typically, it can fit about 25 bib bags worth of waste into it or about 15 wheelbarrows worth of waste into it.

  • Dimensions of the 3 yard skip (H x L x W): 1.07m (3″) x 2.31m (5’5′) x 1.37m (3’6′)

4 yard midi skip:

The 4 yard skip is known as the midi skip. If you ask for a medium size skip, this is the skip you’re recommended. A 4 yard skip is most commonly used for a slightly larger domestic clearance or a small bathroom or kitchen redo and can fit about 30 bags of waste into it or roughly 18 wheelbarrows.

  • Dimensions of the 4 yard midi skip (H x L x W): 0.97m (3’2″) x 1.83m (6′) x 1.29m (4’3)

6 yard small builder skip:

The 6 yard skip is one of the more common skips that can be found on driveways. Hence the name this is the smaller of the two builder skips. Most commonly used for building projects, suitable for hardcore waste such as bricks and stone. A 6 yard small builder is also the largest skip you can have, just for soil. Typically, capacity wise you can fit about 50 bags or 27 wheelbarrows worth of waste into the small builder.

  • Dimensions of the 6 yard (H x L x W): 1.22m (4″) x 2.6m (8’6′) x 1.52m (5′)

8 yard large builder skip

The next skip size up is the 8 yard large builder skip. This is the most common and sought after skip. The 8 yard builder skip is the largest skip that can be used for disposing of hardcore waste (bricks and rubble). Which is why it is commonly used for building projects. In terms of capacity the 8 yard skip holds about 60 bags worth of waste or 36 wheelbarrows.

  • Dimensions of the 8 yard (H x L x W): 1.22m (4″) x 3.66m (12′) x 1.68m (5’6)

10, 12, 14 and 16 yard maxi skips

All of the three above skip sizes are suitable for light bulky waste only. They are ideal of large domestic or commercial clear-outs, not soil or bricks and rubble.

  • Dimensions of the 10 yard skip (H x L x W): 1.5m (4’11”) x 3.74m (12’3) x 1.78m (5’10)
  • Dimensions of the 12 yard skip (H x L x W): 1.68m (5’6″) x 3.7m (12’2) x 1.78m (5’10)
  • Dimensions of the 14 yard skip (H x L x W): 1.8m (5’11”) x 4.1m (13’5) x 1.75m (5’9)
  • Dimensions of the 16 yard skip (H x L x W): 2m (6’7″) x 4.3m (14’1) x 1.75m (5’9)

20 and 40 yard roll on roll off skips:

20 and 40 yard on roll off skips can be ideal for large commercial projects. These 20 yard skips can fit about 220 bags worth of waste into it and the 40 yard can fit about 440 bags.

Their dimensions can be seen below:

  • Dimensions (20 yard roll on roll off) (H x L x W): 1.62m (6’7″) x 6.07m (19’11) x 2.23m (7’4)
  • Dimensions (40 yard roll on roll off) (H x L x W): 2.69m (8’2″) x 6.07m (19’11) x 2.23 (7’4)

Additional information that may be useful when choosing your skip size:

  • Try to visualise the amount of waste you have; it is always safer to get a size larger than you think you need so you do not overload the skips.
  • Skips are to be filled to the level line only, overloaded skips may incur additional charges from suppliers.
  • There certain types of waste that cannot go into a skip, all of these can be found on our FAQ page.
  • Largest skip you can have for soil is the 6 yard small builder skip and the largest skip size you can have for hardcore waste and bricks is the 8 yard builder skip.
  • Our online pricing for skips is for a mixed waste skips, however if you have a skip just with soil, or just with bricks or just with metal, it could be worth your time contacting us on 0800 019 4530 when booking in online, as some of our suppliers provide cheaper prices for a skip if it is just one of these waste types.
  • Another thing to consider when hiring a skip is, will a skip fit on my driveway? 20 yard and 40 yard roll on off skips are generally for commercial hire, some driveways may not be suitable for these size skips.
  • Furthermore, if you do not have any private land to place a skip, you may need a skip road permit, these need to obtained from the council, most suppliers arrange this for you but you can get some more information on road permits here

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