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The UK’s first ‘Poo Bus’ goes into regular service

At FindaSkip we hate to see anything go to waste, so when we saw that the UK’s first ‘poo bus’ is now running 4 days a week in Bristol, we couldn’t have been more impressed!

The Bio-bus, which is 12.2m long and has 41 seats, will operate 4 days a week on a 15 mile route between Cribbs Causeway and Stockwood  and will run solely on biomethane gas produced by human and food waste.

The passengers of the bus can thank the residents of the houses along the buses route for getting them from A to B.  The 32,674 houses along the route could in fact produce enough waste in a year to fuel the bus for 2.5 million miles.

A single passengers annual food and human waste could produce enough biomethane gas to run the bus for 55km, and the gas produces fewer emissions than normal diesel engines.

The great thing about this fuel source is that it’s both sustainable and renewable, all the while improving air quality. The bio gas is produced by through the anaerobic digestion process, where the food and human waste is broken down by oxygen starved bacteria.

Although those of the more squeamish of us may not like this idea, all impurities are removed to result in almost odour free emissions, and of course all the waste is safely stored in tanks in the roof of the bus, hopefully they don’t experience any leakages!

Here at FindaSkip we’ll be happy to see these busses become a more common site in our towns and cities, so much food waste is wasted every day so why not make better use of it!

Unfortunately we can’t take your food, human or animal waste in a skip, but welcome most other materials such as household waste, furniture, wood, bricks and soil.  Get in contact with us if you were thinking of having a clear out and we can give you an instant, no obligation quote for cheap skip hire.

We make sure that as much of your waste is recycled as possible. Give us a call and jump on the eco-friendly band wagon!