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The Skip Hire Nightmare! Skip Waste – Not Dog Waste!

Skip Hire Nightmare secret revealed!

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The Daily Mail has reported that new laws passed will see people caught without a bag to clear up their dogs mess will receive a £100 on the spot fine.  

This is great news for keeping the streets clean, but dog poo in bags is causing skip hire companies a big problem.


Dog Poo The Skip Hire Company’s Nightmare!

Skip hire companies sort all skips by hand, even if they have a mechanical picking station, there will still be an element of hand sorting.

If you ask any skip hire company, “what items they regularly find on a daily basis in skips” one of the top answer’s will be “Dog poo in bags.”

Dogs are generating up to 1000 tonnes of waste a day,  there are never enough of those ‘Red dog poo bins.’

What happens to your waste once it goes back to the yard?

People are not keen to take their dog waste home with them.  So what do they do?  If there is no bin around and they see a skip on someones driveway they throw their dog poo bag into the skip.  Why?  Because they assume the skip is going to be tipped into a big hole and never seen again!


Skips are taken back to a waste transfer station and sorted before landfill.

At our yard we recently counted eight different dog poo bags in one skip, on other occasions we have encountered black bin bags full of dog waste.

As you can imagine these bags get squashed, torn and leak into our skips as more rubbish is placed on top of them.  

Our yard operatives then have to handle these bags and the waste goes onto their gloves, clothing and boots.

Animal waste of any kind is not permitted in skips, this type of waste should be disposed of properly and responsibly by the owners.

This is not nice to handle and can be a real problem.

These dog poo bags are costing all skip firms a lot of money because the yard staff are going through more gloves and clothes.

Because we all love of dogs

Don’t be mistaken we are all dog lovers here. However, we definitely wouldn’t want to be covered in poo throughout the working day.

Please think before you throw your poo bags in a skip, instead find a red dog waste bin or get a garden bin to dispose of it.

You can buy your own dog poo bins on Amazon – they also can be buried so you don’t have to see or smell it and it’s good for your garden too!

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