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Spring is almost sprung!

SPRING is almost SPRUNG! Can you believe it? The winter months are almost behind us, hopefully you have got rid of all your Christmas paraphernalia….. cards, gift packaging and of course the Christmas tree!  Now it’s just about time for Spring Cleaning too.

Why not make the daunting job a lot easier and hire a skip from Findaskip Ltd.  A good clear out at the start of the year can set you in good stead for the rest of the year.  Don’t forget “less is more”! You will be amazed once you get started at what clutter and junk has accumulated over the previous year.

Ordering a skip to go on your driveway or on the road in front of the house will save you having to make several trips to your local tip or local recycling center.  One of our 4 yard skips would be ideal for a spring clean clear out. As a helpful guide a 4 yard skip bin holds approximately 30-40 black bin bags. If a 4 yard skip is too small, why not consider sharing the cost of a 6 yard skip with a neighbor? A 6 yard skip will hold approximately 50-60 bin bags.

If you’re concerned that the waste you place in your skip will simply be landfilled, rest assured we recycle as much as possible. Hiring a skip is a much better alternative to simply putting the waste in your black bag door step collection or in the compactor bins at your local tip, both of which are simply just landfilled.

Here are some handy tips to help you:

Easter is the busiest time of year for Skip Hire, so to avoid disappointment order your skip well in advance. It’s not often that many of us get four days away from work, so use this time wisely. You can specify a collection date when ordering the skip, or just give us a call when you are finished. The usual hire period is 7 to 14 days.

If you have a driveway that needs protecting, you can request a board when ordering your skip.  We will place the skip on the board provided, or you can provide your own.

Advise us if you have a man hole cover that could be weak, or perhaps you have low lying overhead cables that might present a problem.  If we know before the skip is delivered it can save time and avoid any possible damage.

Take the time to plan your spring cleaning day, ensure you have all your cleaning tools and products ready.  Start one room at a time, take your time and don’t forget to clear out that garage, loft and shed!  If you have large bulky items try and break them up or dismantle them.  The better the skip is loaded, the more waste you will be able to dispose of.

Get friends or family members to help you, the kids should get involved in clearing out all their old junk, especially those broken bits and pieces they have been hanging onto from party bags!  They will then have room for all their new Easter eggs and Easter toys!

Once your spring clean is complete you will feel refreshed and revitalized. The dust and odours will be gone as will the darkness of winter as the summer approaches.  As they say “A tidy house is a tidy mind’!

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