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Skip Prices

If you are looking for a cheap skip you have come to the right place. Here at Findaskip we source and supply skips nationwide and can offer cheap and competitive skip prices. 

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What do I need to know about skip prices? 

Skip costs vary nationwide. Some parts of the country are more expensive for skip hire than others. This is all relative and in relation to how expensive it is in the area for the skip companies to be able to dispose or recycle all of the waste that comes back from the skips. 

Landfill tax also affects the prices of skips as well. Landfill tax increases every April, in 2019 the rate for landfill tax is £91.35/tonne, where as 2018 year it was £88.95/tonne per tonne. This is one of the reasons skip hire charges are increasing every year. 

Be very wary of a company or individual offering very cheap skip prices, they may be unlicensed and could fly tip your waste.  It is your responsibility and duty of care to ensure your waste is removed responsibly and legally. Don’t forget the old saying…  “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”!

You can check to see if a company is a licensed waste carrier by looking them up at the environment agency here.

fly tip site
Area that has had an illegal fly tip

What factors can affect skip prices? 

The location as to where you live can affect the prices of skip hire. Skip hire prices are in relation to the cost of living in certain areas of the country. Skip prices surrounding London and the South West tend to be the most expensive as the cost of living there is the most expensive in England. Whereas, skip prices in the North of the country are less expensive because the costs of living in the north tend to be lower.

The size of the skip obviously affects the prices of skip hire too. The larger the skip, the more expensive the skip is. 

Other factors that affect the cost of skip hire is the type of waste going into the skip. Skips are normally priced for general mixed waste, which can be a domestic or a commercial clearance, garden waste or building waste. 

If you have a skip for a specific type of waste only, such as just clean hardcore waste (bricks and rubble only) or soil, we would recommend contacting us on 0800 019 4530 or on our live chat application prior to booking to check the pricing because some of our suppliers can offer skips at a less expensive / discounted rate if it is just soil or clean hardcore going into the skip in terms of waste. 

Metal skips are also a lot cheaper, often skip companies may only charge for the haulage / transport of the skip if it is just metal going into the skip and not charge for the waste going in. They may also offer a rebate for the metal going into the skip. 

Where the skip is being placed also affects the pricing of the skip. Skip hire is a lot cheaper if the skip can be placed onto a driveway or private property, as a skip permit is not needed. Skip hire prices can increase if the skip is to be placed onto a public highway as the council charge for a skip permit in this instance. 

Some additional items you may want to put into the skip may also affect the price of it. If you have plasterboard, mattresses or TV monitors to go into the skip, it would be recommended to contact us first to see whether the skip supplier charge additionally for these items, as some do. Simply for the reason these items are most costly for them to dispose of or recycle.

The normal skip hire period is two weeks. If you require longer with the skip, let us know via the live chat application before booking, as some skip suppliers charge a rental fee on additional time with the skip, after the first two weeks of hire. This is something worth checking before booking.

Skip with a road permit being placed on the road
Skip with a road permit

Tips and tricks for cheap skip hire:

Book your skip in advance. Cheaper skip companies book up fast for the reason that they are the cheapest. If you book with some notice it will not only save you time, meaning the day before you need the skip you are ringing round, desperately trying to find someone who can deliver for you. You are also saving money, by booking a cheap skip, in advance.

Make the most if the space in your skip. As soon as the skip is with you, it may be tempting to just chuck everything into the skip. However, this is not the most cost effective idea. If you have items such as furniture that can be broken down, do this as it will allow more space in the skip for other items to go. 

Do not overload your skip. Some people believe it is a more cost effective method for skip hire to size down with the skip and overload it. However, this is a bad idea and does not save you money. If your skip is not filled to the level line and is overloaded, the supplier will either charge an overloaded skip fee or they will charge a wasted journey fee and make you unload the additional waste before they return to try and collect it. 

Be aware the cheapest price may not always the best option. At Findaskip we may not always be the cheapest but we only use licensed, reliable, reputable companies. This could save you a lot of money in the long run, you could be fined and end up with a criminal record for fly tipping if you do not use a responsible licensed company. Know the laws on fly tipping

For cheap skips and reliable hire, contact us at Findaskip to see what we can do for you today.