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Factors Affecting Skip Hire Prices

I am often asked about skip hire prices and why it costs so much to dispose of waste?

The general public often does not consider what happens to their waste once it has been placed into a skip and removed.

Below I have outlined some of the factors that contribute to the price of hiring a skip that might generally not have been considered.


The disposal costs can be very costly depending on the types of waste.

Waste that cannot be recycled, reprocessed or reused is the most costly to dispose of as the only options for disposal are to landfill or to turn it into RDF (refuse derived fuel).

The current landfill tax rate for 2019 is £91.35 per tonne.

Landfill tax increases each year, and more and more legislation is coming into practice regarding waste disposal.

For instance the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directive, trommel fines and wood waste to name but a few recent changes.

These all add to the cost of skip hire prices.

When a skip is hired, most people just assume that their skip is collected and tipped straight into a big hole and never seen again!

This could not be further from the truth, skip hire companies have a duty of care to apply the waste hierarchy to each and every skip that enters into their yard or facility.

To keep skip hire prices down, we must do our utmost to sort all the recyclables and salvage any items that may be suitable for reuse.

If we were handling a skip that had been hired for household waste we might find the following:

Black sack waste:  This may contain tetra packaging, tin cans, cardboard toilet roll tubes,  used tin foil, carrier bags, plastic bottles, glass bottles, food waste and sanitary waste.

Garden Waste: Garden furniture, BBQ’s, timber, pots, grass cuttings and green waste

Garage Clearance: Cardboard, empty paint pots, tools, car parts and bicycles.

The majority of the above items can be recycled, but not all skip companies will have the facilities to recycle all of them.

All of these items must be sorted either by hand or mechanically, we are only permitted to landfill waste that has been sorted and treated.  It is not a nice job but someone has to do it!


Skip hire companies operating costs are high, we have to have a waste permit to be able to transfer and sort the waste, we must have a waste carriers licence to be able to collect people’s waste. Staff, insurance, vehicle, haulage and plant costs all need to be factored in.

There is not a big profit margin in skip hire anymore. Meaning when price competing with other local skip hire companies, it can become very difficult to operate whilst keeping skip hire prices as low as possible.

At Findaskip we constantly price check across the board and only use responsible waste management companies.

If you looking to hire a skip let Findaskip Ltd find you a reliable skip at cheap skip hire prices.

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