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Skip Hire In Surrey News Recycling Cuts Set To Save £1.5m

Surrey Recycling Cuts Set To Save £1.5 million

Announcements have recently been made by Surrey Council that several local household recycling centres will be closed or have their opening hours reduced in a bid to save £1.5 million pounds.

Findaskip Ltd ask, how will this impact waste management and skip hire in Surrey?

Will residents in Surrey and the surrounding area’s hire more skips? Will the council loose revenue from shutting centres, will we see more fly tipping in our area?

For many of us, recycling does not play a particularly important part in our lives. We may separate our glass from our plastic and put our food bins out, but don’t give a second thought to what happens to the bags once they have been taken away.

With 43.2% of household waste recycled in the UK last year, imagine how many resources would be wasted if we did not recycle, and how much more could be recycled if everyone disposed of their waste in a responsible way.

The councils and local authorities actually earn revenue from certain waste that is reprocessed for example, Metals, paper, card, textiles and plastics. Surely by reducing the opening hours or shutting sites altogether valuable revenue will be lost as residents use alternative methods to dispose of their waste.

The announcement of the closures has raised concerns with residents and waste management companies in Surrey alike. Surrey council have said that the new cuts will have minimal implications on recycling.

Council member Mike Goodman has said “there are certain times of day where visitor numbers are comparatively low. This means that sites could close earlier or open later with minimal impact”.

There have also been discussions of implementing charges to dispose of items that do not fall under the ‘household waste’ category and are more difficult to recycle, including:

  • rubble
  • tyres
  • gas bottles
  • plasterboard
  • asbestos

As prices increase and it becomes harder to go to a local recycling centre, we can’t help but wonder if this will result in an increase of fly tipping in Surrey, or waste being disposed of in other incorrect ways.

How it will affect waste management and skip hire businesses? If it is harder and more expensive to dispose of waste responsibly, will skip hire companies in Surrey have to increase their prices to meet these costs?

Between 2013 and 2014, Surrey recycled 58.1% of all household waste collected, coming 12th out of 328 councils in SITA’s league table. We wonder if the new changes will see Surrey go down in the league table instead of improving?

Oxfordshire are currently performing at the best rates, recycling 65.7% of their household waste. The lowest performing councils included Lewisham London Borough and Newham London Borough Council, recycling just 17.7% of their waste.

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