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Skip Hire – How Long is too long?

I politely telephoned a customer today to ask if we could have our skip back as it had been out since the 10th of November 2012! His reply was “I am a very good customer and I have not finished with it, my builders are not staring work again until the start of March 2013″

I explained to the customer that it was unreasonable to expect to keep a skip for over 3 and half months without incurring any further skip hire charges.  To this he ranted that he had hired many skips from us and had never been chased for them.

What the customer does not understand, is that the skip has sat through the winter months of rain, snow and ice on his drive, the contents will now be wet, slimy, smelly and rotting.  Our yard staff will now have to hand sort the putrified  contents, the base of the skip will probably have incurred some erosion due to water collection, and the skip will have to be jet washed to eradicate the smell, before it can be rehired to the next customer.

I have given him until the end of the week to finish filling the skip with his waste, he deemed this unfair despite being informed of all of the above!

And he insists that he is a good customer!….. I think not!