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Wood Waste Plant Facility in Barnsley.

The new wood waste plant facility in Houghton is great news for skip hire companies in  and around Barnsley.  The planned location will be on the former site of a coal mine in Yorkshire.

They plan on two sites an anaerobic digestion plant and the wood waste plant.  The two plants hope to generate enough electricity to power 51,000 homes.  

Peel Environemntal have been given the green light by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council.  This is great news for skip hire companies in the Barnsley area as it means they will be able to sort all the waste wood from skips and transfer to the new plant, reducing the overheads for disposing of waste.  This could also be good news for customers wishing to hire a skip, as the savings will hopefully be passed onto the customer.

Recycling rates for Barnsley have risen in recent years and with these two new plants the numbers will only improve.  This is very exciting for the council as they can meet the ever increasing recycling rates  being set. 

The new energy centre will benefit everyone, not only will it create jobs, but it will divert waste from going to landfill, the new plant will also take RDF which again will reduce waste going to landfill.

There are now several of these types of plant around the country  (Peel Environmental have several of these) which helps to reduce the carbon footprint created by us, as we can process the wood waste in England rather than shipping the wood for processing to other countries. 

Here at Findaskip we have many skip hire suppliers in and around Barnsley, covering Houghton.  If you would like to book a a skip or obtain a quote for these areas, you can find us here

Findaskip wood waste collected from skips
This is wood waste that has been recovered from skips.