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London Waste Street Art, Rubbish turned into Art!

What is London Waste street art?

London waste street art is mostly created in public places without permission. A number of mediums are used for street art, including stencils, stickers, posters and paint. Fly tip waste and waste put out for street collection, is often turned in waste street art.  Our suppliers have seen a lot of London waste street art, whilst on their travels delivering and collecting skips.

Is London waste street art legal?

Street art is a form of graffiti, which, in turn is a form of vandalism. Its origins are as a form of anti-establishment political protest. Today, however, street art is a multi-million pound industry instead of being known as criminal activity and the ‘wanton destruction of private property’.  London waste street art is big business, of you look around it is everywhere.

The views of London waste street art are now blurred as The Houses of Parliament opened its doors to ‘Smile Britannia’ the first charity ‘Street Art’ auction ever to take place in the UK’s home of politics. With an incredibly impressive catalogue of art, donated by a number of artists.  Waste that is decorated makes it look less unsightly, and often improves the area as tourists now actively look for street art and waste street art.

The Smile Britannia Project supports London-based youth art projects dedicated to using art as a tool for social regeneration and community. Using the example from world-class graffiti and contemporary artists, Smile Britannia encourages the development of the arts within London’s youth.

We at Find-a-skip find the work of Francisco de Pajaro genius.

This artist likes to trawl the streets of London, doing creative things with left out rubbish. He creates great pieces of London waste street art, he travels all around the world, his art has been found in most major cities.

His work is ‘disposable’, as it generally gets cleared away the next morning! he uses rubbish bags, abandoned furniture and debris to create art that works as a mirror for those who see it. So if you ever see it, count yourself lucky!

Francisco prefers to be known as “Art Is Trash”, and has already built up a loyal following in his native Spain. In fact, it’s Spain’s restrictive attitude towards street art that inspired his technique.

In a recent interview, Fransisco explained “Rubbish is the only legal place you can make art on the street. There was a law in 2006 in Barcelona which outlawed painting on the street, suddenly all of the freedom was eliminated — all the best artists from Barcelona left. I couldn’t paint on the floor, on the walls, anywhere, but I had a need to express myself, so where?

He further explained: “Art is Trash is a provocation, it’s pushing the extremes of what people expect.”

Art is Trash’s work has been exhibited in renowned specialist galleries in London and Barcelona and Dubai.

Street art is fairly new to the general public, but it has a massive following all over the globe, urban areas are home to pioneering creators and artistic communities.

As Banksy once wrote, ‘Imagine a city where graffiti wasn’t illegal, where anyone could draw wherever they liked. Where every street was awash with a million colours and phrases. Where standing at a bus stop was never boring. Imagine a city like that, and stop leaning against the wall – it’s wet!’

Love it or hate it, as with all art, London waste street art is an expression of human creative skill and imagination.

If you are not feeling very creative with your rubbish, we can help you get rid it by hiring a skip. You can call us on 0800 019 4530 or visit our website for an instant quote.