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Loading a Skip – How to make the most of your skip

The do’s and don’ts of loading a skip.

Loading a skip may seem like an easy task, however there are a few things to remember.  You may be tempted to just start throwing everything in, but before you do here is some advice on how to get the most out of your skip hire and how to not to load it.

Break up your items – It seems obvious, but often items that could be broken up such as furniture are just thrown into the skip, this often leaves large gaps that could be used for more waste. Break up large bulky items as much as possible to save space.

Drop door skips – It’s worth asking for a skip with a drop door if it will make loading the skip easier, especially if you are wheel-barrowing soil or bricks.

Inert waste – Let the company know if you are just putting inert waste into the skip (soil, hard core etc.) you will sometimes be able to get a discount, especially if it is just one type.

Ask advice – If you are unsure of which size skip you will need, always remember to ask advice from the company. Chances are the person on the end of the phone has been asked the same question many times and will be able to guide you on which skip size will be best for your job. You don’t want space left over at the end however hiring a skip that is too small and having to get another will work out more expensive than one larger skip.

How NOT to load your skip

Overloading – One of the main problems skip companies face on a daily basis is customers loading a skip past the level load mark. Not only does this mean that the customer has not paid for this extra waste to be removed but it can become too dangerous for the skip to be taken away. The company will often charge an overload fee and the driver reserves the right to refuse to remove the skip until it is deemed to be at a safe level.

Heavy skips – Maxi skips, such as 12, 14 and 16 yard skips will only be able to take light bulky items. You cannot fill these skips with heavy materials such as soil and hard core as the skip will then become too heavy for the lorry to lift and remove.

Items you cannot put in the skip – Most materials can be put in a skip, including inert materials, general waste, wood, green waste and textiles. There are however some things that you cannot place in the skip and could be brought back to you or you could get fined for. These include gas bottles, fridges/ freezers, asbestos, oils and paints, car tyres and any hazardous substances.

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