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How Much to Hire a Skip?

How much to hire a skip?” is a question we’re asked on a regular basis.

Price Of Skip Hire UK

If you’re thinking of hiring a skip but don’t know how much you should expect to pay? It can be difficult to know how much it usually costs to dispose of your waste responsibly, hence why we are regularly asked, “how much to hire a skip?”!

If you’re looking for a price to hire a skip, FindaSkip Ltd are here to make sure you are in the know.

Hiring A Skip Costs To Take In To Account

Firstly, you should find out which size will be best to suit your requirements. We can offer 2 yard mini skips, midi skips, maxi skips and roll on/off containers. See our size guide to find out the dimensions of the skips and what they are best used for.

You can also read our previous skip sizes blog for a more in depth explanation of each of the sizes. The most important thing to remember when asking “how much to hire a skip?”, is that it is always cheaper to have a slightly larger skip than you may actually need, rather than hiring a second skip that you don’t fully fill with waste.

The next thing to remember when asking ‘how much to hire a skip?’, is that hire prices vary a great deal depending on your area. What you would pay in London or city centres is usually more expensive than what you would pay in smaller towns or villages.

You can also reduce the total price of your skip by placing it on a driveway or on a private site, as positioning a skip on the road or on public property will mean a road permit will need to be acquired. The prices of the permits vary from anywhere between £0 – £100, so just give us a call to find out the cost for your council and how much notice you will need to give (some councils will issue a permit on the day of applying, while others may take up to a week).

Calling round a few different local skip hire companies for quotes will give you a good idea of the average prices in your area. So make sure you ask several companies the “how much to hire a skip?” question or use our online quote finder for an instant quote and book securely online in minutes.

This is what we do here at FindaSkip, we find the most affordable hire companies and discuss your requirements with them so we are sure they will meet your needs.

How to avoid surprise skip hire charges

Most skip hire companies will give you a total price and you will not have any last minute add ons. However this is not always the case. There are a few ways you can avoid surprise charges:

Ask if the price includes the VAT – As obvious as this may sound there are many companies who will give you a price minus the VAT of 20%. So you may think you are getting a good price but will have a shock when you go to pay the total invoice.

Check what you can put in the skip – you may think you can put anything in skips, but you would be wrong. Certain items and materials are not allowed in skips and can incur a fine. These include fridges, asbestos, gas bottles, liquids, paints and sometimes plaster board. Give us a call if you are unsure.

Ask about weight limits – This is especially important for maxi and roll on/off skips that may have a weight limit on them. Maxi skips can only be used for light waste, do not fill these with soil or hardcore as they will not be able to be lifted and you may have to pay for another skip to remove the excess weight.

Do not overload – skips must only be loaded up to the sides of the skip. Over loaded skips can incur a charge or you will have to remove the excess before the driver will remove it if it is deemed unsafe.

Still Wanting To Know How Much To Hire A Skip?

Here at FindaSkip we are ready to answer any questions you have about waste management and how much it actually is to hire a skip.

Give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to help. Know what you need?

Use our online quote finder for an instant quote and book securely online in minutes. Cheap skip hire, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Lastly, if we haven’t answered the question already, click How Much To Hire A Skip and our site will work it all out for you!