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Halloween recycling -creating your own decorations

Halloween Recycling – How to create your own decorations!

With Halloween coming up at the end of this month, now is a great time to think of new ways to decorate your home. Halloween recycling can be simple to do, and can be great fun for all of the family, just like Christmas, Easter and birthdays. With Halloween right around the corner, you maybe in need of some ideas for how to decorate your home this year.

A lot of Halloween decorations from shops are expensive, but you can make your own decor objects quickly and inexpensively with items that you already have lying around your home, like black bin bags. For example, use a bin bag to make a menacing witch. Simply fill the bags with old clothes or any soft material, make a witch style face out of a polystyrene ball, pop on a pointy hat and there you have a bin-bag witch!

Old empty milk carton scan be washed out and used as garden lights. To make these ghostly lights you start by drawing ghost eyes and mouths on the milk bottles. Cut a hole in the back of the bottle to insert the lights – you can get these battery- powered fairy lights from pound shops or home-ware stores. Share one string of lights by placing a few bottles close together. Make haunted spirits that hang from trees in your garden? put a shirt on a dressing stand (or chair) and spray with fabric stiffener. Once it dries the shirts will be stiff and easy to stuff with lights. Hang your spirits from trees with hangers.

We all love jam jars so let’s combine them with the Halloween décor. They are easy to make, all you will need is some old jam/glass jars, some coloured tissue paper paints/permanent markers and little imagination. You can turn these boring glass jars into funky frankensteins, Ghoolish Ghosts or Jack-o-lanterns. Just pop a tea light into the jar, and there you have a decorative light that is unique and will look great in the window on All Hallows Eve, turning your house into a spooktacular scene. Get inspired!

It’s high time to get ready for Halloween and you could look at some cool decorations at the store but we think it’s so much better the upcyling stuff that you could usual throw away with your household rubbish or add to your recycling bags. There are many spooky DIY projects you can do to decorate your interior home and front garden with some endless creativity.

You can add flying bats on wall, made out of toilet roll tubes, The nice part is that these spooky Halloween decorations are easy to make, so why don’t you make them with children?

You don’t have to go mad with decorations, even if you live in a flat, and you still want to be a part of that Halloween recycling decoration frenzy, you just need to do one thing, dress your front door for Halloween with one a spooky DIY wreaths. But be careful not to scare off your guests completely. Have fun!

Halloween recycling needn’t be expensive or time consuming, you can make a big difference to your home with just a little effort and creativity!

FindaSkip will always encourage turning the old in to the new and responsible waste management.