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Halloween decorations DIY recycled materials

Findaskip pumpkins on bins ready for composting.
Used Pumpkins ready for composting

DIY recycled Halloween decorations

Stuck on ideas for Halloween decorations? Don’t want to splash out the cash? we have some fun and spooky ideas that you can make from old bits of rubbish from your home.

We all know how pricey some Halloween decorations can be, so instead of chucking away that old bit of cardboard or that empty milk carton why not change them to a creepy crawly.

Here are some simple decoration ideas that are fun for the kids, quick, cheap and can all be done at home!

You can use a whole range of different things,old bits of card board are great!, things that you thought could never have a second use, like the cardboard part of toilet roll can be changed into any creepy character you like, people of all ages can create their own Halloween decoration.

Once you’ve made that round of tea and you run out of milk, don’t chuck away that carton, give it to the kids to create something!, like drawing a spooky face on it with a marker pen, then adding a led light into it so it can light up your house all ready for the trick or treaters to come knocking on Halloween night.

You can also make some creepy vampire bats that can dangle from the ceiling, your light shade or dangled on your front door to make your trick or treaters jump.

There are plenty of spooky Halloween decorations that you can do yourself this year in the comfort of your own using, using things you may have just chucked away in the past not knowing that they can be made into some creepy characters.

Take a look at this link if you want to see more great ideas on recycled Halloween decorations.

If you need to dispose of old decorations or other waste why not hire a skip from us, we will ensure your waste is handled properly and recycled where possible.  We can give you an instant quote.