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Don’t Mess With Croydon Council Campaign

‘Don’t Mess With Croydon’ Campaign takes a stand against fly tipping and littering.

Fly tipping in Croydon has always been a big problem for the council and residents alike.  Last year we reported on brash fly tippers leaving their waste in the streets of Croydon, however we are pleased to find out that Croydon council are taking a stand!

Croydon council implemented a ‘Don’t Mess With Croydon’ campaign to tackle residents and rogue traders dumping their rubbish illegally on the streets of Croydon.

The campaign, which began in June 2014, focuses on fly tipping and other environmental crimes in the borough. From dumping van loads of rubbish to dropping a cigarette, the council are fining and prosecuting those who are caught fowling the streets of Croydon.

More than 200 residents have now signed up to the campaign, patrolling the streets of Croydon, cleaning up and educating people on how to dispose of their waste and avoid hefty fines.

Since the campaign began, the council have

• cleared 88% of reported fly-tipped waste within 48 hours;
• issued almost 500 fixed penalty notices of up to £80;
• carried out more than 570 business licence inspections;
• seen more than 4,000 people report fly-tipping issues.

Councillor Stuart Collins, deputy leader of Clean Green Croydon recently said “From litter pick volunteers to community champions, it’s great that so many of the borough’s residents have joined our campaign to tackle litter and fly-tipping in Croydon.

“It’s also encouraging to have the support of more and more local businesses; this both helps communities take more pride in their borough and helps the council take action against mindless fly-tippers.”

The council are also encouraging homeowners to be careful of who they are employing to take away their waste. Rogue traders have been known to undercut skip hire prices or other licensed waste removal companies with their quotes, however will just dump the waste once they have taken it away.

What many people don’t know is that you can be prosecuted even if it was not you that tipped the waste. For example if you hired a skip or van service without asking for the companies Waste Carriers License and without taking reasonable measures to ensure that your waste will be disposed of legally and responsibly and then your waste is traced back to you, you can end up having to pay hefty fines.

If you have waste you need to dispose of and are thinking of hiring a skip or just need some advice, then give FindaSkip a call for a no obligation quote and dependable, responsible waste removal.