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Cumbria Skip Prices – Flooding and increased rates

Flooding has affected Cumbria skip prices

Cumbria Skip Prices are usually around the national average, however due to recent flooding in Cumbria and York we have seen skip prices sky rocket.

Around 16,000 households in England were flooded last month following one of the wettest Decembers on record – with areas such as Cumbria, Lancashire, West Yorkshire,Leeds and Greater Manchester among the worst hit.

An example of the Cumbria skip prices increase we have seen can be shown for recent orders. Our usual price for a 12 yard skip is £360 including VAT,  however the same company increased their prices to £636 for the same size.

Most skip companies recycle a large amount of the waste that comes back to their transfer stations. The contents of the skips would be flood damaged, so there wouldn’t be anything that would be salvageable for recycling. Everything would need to be sent to landfill which is much more expensive and is charged by weight, so items such as wet carpets would then become much more expensive to dispose of.

The council started offering free collections of wood and white goods (such as fridges) to ease some of the pressure on residents and waste removal companies, however all other  waste types have  been left to the resident to dispose of and as the flooding has affected Cumbria skip prices so severely, this could prove expensive to do.

A spokesperson for Cumbria County Council said:

“Disposing of flood damaged materials is a big job and we want to try and make that as easy as possible for people. With the suspension of the HWRC permit scheme people can now take vans and trailers into the sites we will hopefully speed up the process. We also know small businesses can really struggle in the aftermath of flooding so we’re stepping up to help them as best we can.”

Remember to ask for an invoice if you are hiring a skip for flood damage. You can often claim your expenses back from your home insurance.

If you have been affected by flooding and are looking for affordable skip hire then contact us, You can either get a fast, competitive quote online,  email us at [email protected] or speak to our team at 0800 019 4530.