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Animals Dumped in Skips – Discarded Pets

Animals dumped in skips

Last week we reported on how homeless people often climb in to skips for refuge and to escape from the cold, but what about the defenceless animals dumped in skips and left to die?

Here at FindaSkip we are used to the odd mouse or rat jumping out of our skips, however it seems that it’s not uncommon to find animals dumped in skips or other furries to find themselves trapped in them by uncaring owners.

Tens of thousands of animals are abandoned every year across the UK. Some of the most distressing cases come from animals left in bins and skips, where the owner obviously is unconcerned whether their pet lives or dies.

For example, just a few weeks ago two rabbits were found in a cardboard box inside a skip amongst the rubbish. Luckily they were still in good health and are now being cared for by the Blue Cross animal hospital in Merton. They have been named Bowie and Ziggy and should soon be put up for adoption.  The two rabbits were lucky to survive the ordeal, skips are often left for weeks at a time, they could have died of dehydration or starvation, and it is not uncommon for one skip to be put on top of the other when the driver is collecting the skip and they could’ve been crushed.

Another instance of animals dumped in skips was seen when a resident found 5 puppies under a pile of rubbish in a skip after she heard their cries.

The puppies were only around 3 weeks old when they were found in the skip. They were taken to a local dogs trust where they are having round the clock care  and are doing well.

The puppies the team at Dogs Trust have named the litter Ozo, Thornton, Panda, Mulleady and Wallis,  all after Waste Companies.

Unfortunately animals in skips are not always rescued quickly by passersby’s,  and for some it is not until the waste is being segregated back at waste transfer sites that that are spotted. This was the case when a little hamster was found in its cage after the skip had been emptied back on site. When the waste company called the homeowners they claimed that they didn’t have a hamster, and it must’ve been fly tipped in there.  The hamster was given to the local RSPCA where he was successfully re-homed!

The RSPCA are urging people to find new homes for unwanted animals or give them to local shelters and charities rather than dumping them in bins and skips. You can speak to the RSPCA on their customer services line on 0300 123 4999 if you have any worries about an animal’s welfare or would like to give your pet up for adoption.

If you would like to book as skip however (for waste only – no furry animals!) you can give us a call on 0800 019 4530 for visit our website for a competitive, no obligation skip hire quote.