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Skip Road Permits

When you hire your skip, there will be occasions that require the use of a Road Permit. A permit is needed when the skip needs to be placed on the public highway (roads, highways & pavements). The permit must be up to date and valid for the type of waste that is going in the skip.

Permits’ are issued by your local county council. Cost and regulations will vary greatly for different councils and are subject to the Highways Act 1980: section 139 road traffic regulations act, 1984.

Common variants include :

  • Initial cost
  • Length of permit validity (5, 7, 8 10 days etc.)
  • Prior notice needed (1, 3 days etc.)
  • Renewal cost
  • Parking bay suspension

Generally skip permits will be arranged by the supplier. Certain areas will require you ‘the customer’ to apply for the permit directly with your local council. Again, different councils will have different procedures for this. Any information needed can be obtained via your council website. You will find access to your local council’s website by visiting :

Should you have any questions regarding road permits, remember we are here to answer all of your questions.
Contact us by telephone : 0800 019 4530
or by email : [email protected]

Alternatively if you are still unsure of your local council’s permit requirements, you can find further information at


  • use cones and amber flashing marker lights around the skip when it’s dark and/ or hard to see because of fog, mist and other conditions
  • fix reflective markers on both ends of the skip
  • avoid placing the skip on the pavement, manhole covers, drains, grates or other utility access points


  • the contents don’t stick out from the sides of the skip: this is dangerous for road users and pedestrians
  • the skip isn’t over-filled and its contents are stable, covered with netting or dampened to stop the waste materials from inside blowing out
  • the skip doesn’t contain materials likely to pose a risk of fire, explosion and won’t release toxic fumes or present a health or environmental hazard


Consider hiring an enclosed skip. Enclosed skips are lockable to prevent unauthorised access. They are also the safest type of skip as they stop contents from falling out or overhanging, and stop dust from flying up when items are put into the skip.

Make sure you have any necessary planning permission and that you’re following building regulations for your project.

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