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Skip Hire Prices

Welcome to Findaskip Ltd. We are skip source and supply website established in 2011. Here is our guide to skip hire prices.

Prices range between £95 – £600 (from a 2 yard up to a 40 yard) upwards dependant on size of the skip and waste going into the skip. It is certainly true to say that skip hire prices vary quite considerably depending where in the country you are.

You can go straight to our book now page to get an instant no obligation quote by simply putting your postcode into the box.

Prices will vary widely across the country. The majority of suppliers price skips using the dimensions of the skip meaning the bigger the dimensions of the skip then more will be charged.

With help from our trusted suppliers, we have put together a helpful guide to make sure you get the right size skip at the best price for you.

Single stream waste soil, hardcore, metal tend to be cheaper than mixed waste prices because they are easier to sort and dispose or recycle.

If you only have one waste type going into the skip please enquire with our team on 0800 019 4530

Additional factors that may effect skip hire prices

Road Permits

More information on road permits in England and Wales here. To keep the costs down and cut out the need for a skip road permit, consider having a wait and load service.

Bay Suspensions

Bay suspensions are more common in the London area and can considerably increase the cost of hiring a skip.


Some suppliers will charge extra for plasterboard.

Hazardous waste

Hazardous waste should always be handled with care, always seek professional advice before making a skip booking.


Some suppliers charge extra per mattress the charges can vary from £15 to £55

Overloading skips


Domestic seating is now classed as hazardous waste due to the fire-retardant chemicals used to protect them from fires. Suppliers charge per item depending on the size of the item, for example, a settee or just a cushion. We can give you the prices for these if you do need to dispose of any.

If you overload your skip above the level load line you could incur additional charges, this may also include a wasted journey if the skip is not safe to take due to overloading.

Wasted Journeys

If your skip is blocked in, or overloaded, you may incur wasted journey fees. If you order a skip and there is not enough space for the skip to be sited this may also incur a wasted journey, we would always suggest checking your access before ordering.

Length of hire

The normal skip hire period ranges from 7-14 days, if you need the skip longer you may incur fees per extra day or extra week.

Guide to skip hire prices

2 Yard Mini Skip

These are known across the UK as a Mini skip.

These are very handy if you have a small job to do they can hold up to 20 black sack waste / rubble bags and 9 wheelbarrows to fill.

A good point to note is that 2 yard skips do not come with a drop down door as they are two small to accommodate one.

Findaskip 2 yard mini skip

2 Yard mini

20 bags of waste / soil / rubble

9 wheelbarrows

Prices start from £95 onwards (dependant on area)

Midi Skip Hire Prices guide

A 3 yard skip can be classed as a mini skip dependant on which area you are in the UK, these are the second smallest skip size.

Midi skips are used for kitchen and bathroom clear outs or garden waste.

3 & 4 yard skips do not come enclosed or with a drop down door.

findaskip 3 yard skip

3 Yard Mini/Midi

25 bags of waste/soil/rubble

15 Wheelbarrows

Prices start from £120 onwards (dependant on area)

4 yard skip

4 Yard Midi Skip

30 bags of waste/soil/rubble

18 Wheelbarrows

Prices range from £140 on wards

6 and 8 Yard Builders Skip Hire Prices Guide

Most commonly used during household renovations and construction jobs because of size and because they are the largest skip size that can be approved on the public highway

6 and 8 cubic yard skips can have a drop down door this is in order to make wheel barrowing soil and hardcore into the skip easier.

6 yard skip

6 Yard Small Builders Skip

50 bags waste/rubble/soil

27 Wheelbarrows

Prices range from £205

8 yard skip

8 Yard Large Builders Skip

60 bags waste/rubble/soil

36 Wheelbarrows

Prices range from £230

Maxi Skip Hire Prices Guide

Maxi Skips include the 10 yard, 12 yard, 14 yard and 16 yard skips. These types of skips are for light waste bulky items only.

For example: Household waste, Wood/Timber, Electricals, Garden Shrubbery

Large maxi skips are suited for large jobs because they are able to fit large bulky items inside.

These skip sizes can be chosen as enclosed as they are large enough to accommodate a lockable lid.

Due to their size these skips do not include a drop down door because they can endanger the general public’s safety.

10 yard skip

Maxi Skip Prices

10 Yard – 80 Bags Waste

12 Yard – 100 Bags Waste

14 Yard – 120 Bags Waste

16 Yard – 140 Bags Waste

Prices for maxi skips range from £270 – £500

Roll on/Roll off Skip Hire Prices Guide

Roll on Roll of bins are the 20 or 40 Yard skips which are the biggest skip sizes. (priced on haulage and tonnage.

20 Yard Roll on/Roll off skips can be used for soil/hardcore

Soil and hardcore is not permitted in 40 yard skips.

However, as a result can be used for mixed light bulky items, metal, wood, etc..

Prices for haulage vary and can start from £155

Prices for tonnage can vary this is completely dependant on what waste type will be going into the skip. (A minimum tonnage is charged e.g. haulage + 2 tonnes minimum)

Minimum tonnage varies dependant on suppliers discretion.

Additional tonnage will be charged after the skip has been collected and weighed.

20 yard roll on bin

20 Yard RO/RO

40 yard roll on bin

40 Yard RO/RO