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Environmental Policy

We at FindaSkip recognise a duty of care to our customers and to the public to manage societies waste safely, without causing pollution of the environment or harm to human health.

We will continue to improve operational methods and demonstrate our commitment to protecting the environment by implementing, developing and maintaining an environmental management system.

We are also committed to the development of waste management systems which are increasingly compatible with the aims of sustainable development without compromising the value for money our services offer customers.


  • Aim to comply fully with our legal obligations to prevent harm to the environment.
  • Strive always to improve the company’s environmental performance.
  • Ensure individual locations establish, implement and regularly review programmes in order to achieve their specific environmental objectives and targets.
  • Designate specified personnel within the company with the responsibility for implementing this policy through the environmental management system.
  • Engage the co-operation of our employees and contractors through consultation and the promotion of this policy.
  • Develop a greater appreciation of environmental issues amongst our employees through training.
  • Assist government, where possible, in achieving its environmental policy objectives.
  • Make the policy available to the public, customers and suppliers.
  • Take into consideration the views of interested parties.
  • Review regularly the basis of this policy.