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Quick Guide to Skip Hire

FindaSkip is here to make your skip hire experience quick & easy with our quick guide to skip hire.

Below is a checklist to help you achieve the best results and easy skip hire.

We would like to highlight one particular mistake that people often make. Don’t think ‘less is more’, think ‘more is more!’.

You can save time & money by ordering a skip that is slightly larger than you might need. Ordering a skip that is too small often results in having to order another.

The cost of 2 skips at the same yardage as the larger skip will always cost more.

Please also note that it is illegal to overload and transport a skip.

Findaskip - skip guide


1. Congratulations, you’ve already taken the first step…. Booking with us at FindaSkip!

2. What do you need your skip for?

3. Look at our size guide to see various explanations about capacities and dimension specifications.

4. Where is the skip going? Is there sufficient access to the site/property?

In particular is there:

  • 3 metre minimum width allowance for the vehicle?
  • obstructing walls?
  • low hanging wires/cables?
  • overhanging building parts?
  • obstructing trees/bushes?
  • drain/manhole covers?

5. If there is, do you need a road permit? (for more information about skip permits you can also visit your local council website.)

6. Remember that 12 yard skips and above will not be permitted on the public highway.

7. Skip hire period is usually 2 weeks however longer periods can be arranged if requested.

Please note some waste types are not accepted by all suppliers or can sometimes come at an additional cost (plasterboard, TV’S/Monitors, Mattresses etc..)

Frequently asked questions and answers.

If you have any queries, please contact a member of our support team on our live chat application or give us a call on 0800 019 4530.